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Hi, I'm Brooke and I love all things related to nutrition, cooking, and wellness.  As a certified Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef, I believe that foods and a healthy lifestyle have the power to heal and energize our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

I believe that bio-individuality is at the core of nutrition and everyone is unique in what specific foods and ways of eating work best for them.

I believe that despite individual variances, we all need a foundation of "SOUL" foods: S- Seasonal, O- Organic, U- Unrefined, L- Local, and I base the work I do on these four foundational aspects of nutrition.  

I take a holistic view of nutrition and know that not only food, but also sleep, stress, relationships, emotions, thoughts, community, work, and lifestyle choices all impact our health.

Modern life is busy.  We want to feel great, look our best, lose weight, experience less anxiety, and have the energy to do all the things we want to do during our day.  We are bombarded with conflicting information about what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, etc.  I am here to help you sort through all of the information and pave a path that works with you and for you.  By including the right foods for you and establishing healthy lifestyle habits, we can get you on track to looking and feeling your best.  I provide the roadmap and support to help you meet your health goals, so let's go!