A Deer Spoke to Me and She Said…

These are some crazy times my friends. Hang on to your hats, because the election is coming, change is imminent and we have to prepare for whatever outcome there is. I am hopeful and optimistic, always feeling that the good will prevail, but not without struggles and pain.

I had a moment this morning with a deer who was grazing on grass outside of our temporary house. She was so close, probably 50 feet away, and we locked eyes. The words that came to mind as I was looking at her were “gentleness” and “grace.” These two words are not how I would characterize 2020, and I realized how much we are all in need of these two things right now. Nature speaks to us if we are willing to slow down and listen.

I think this month is a good month for self-reflection, slowing down, grounding and self-care. The world around us is moving so fast. Can you take some time this month to connect with yourself and provide yourself and those around you with gentleness and grace?

Here are some journal prompts I have been diving into recently. Take some time to journal and see what comes up for you.

  • This month, how can you bring gentleness and grace to your life?
  • What is something you can let go of or safely put off right now that will ease your burdens? 
  • What are a few simple self-care practices you can commit to through the middle of November?

If the world isn’t going to provide this for us right now, then we have a responsibility to provide grace for ourselves. Take good care and hang tight!

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