A Few of My Favorite Things (Holiday Gift Ideas)

I often struggle with holiday gifts and I spend a lot of time googling, “gift ideas.”  So I put together a list of some of my favorite things in case someone in your life might love some of these things.  

Gift giving should be fun and not too stressful, so hopefully this helps!

For Those of Us With Anxious Minds: Subscription to the Calm App.  Not only are there a million guided meditations, but this also has some pretty awesome relaxing and zen music (including Moby and Sigur Ros) and the best part- SLEEP STORIES!  I often listen to the nature sleep stories when I have a million thoughts racing through my mind and 90% of the time I don’t make it to the end of the story before I’m in dreamland.

For the Cookbook Lover: My favorite cookbook author is Rebecca Katz so any of her books, particularly Longevity Kitchen, are my fav.  I also love A Healthy Mind and her Clean Soups book.  Every single recipe I’ve made of hers comes out perfectly, plus I love her use of spices and herbs to take the nutrition of the recipes to the next level.  

For Night Owls: A Salt Lamp.  I don’t have a favorite so just google it because there are a million, but I absolutely love the light that these provide for night time.  It’s so soothing and lovely.

For the Introspective Soul:  A beautiful journal.  I love having a book full of blank pages to write or draw in and journaling is definitely good for your soul.  

For the Yogi: Gift certificate to a yoga studio.  I once received this as a gift and I loved it!

For the Person Who Has Everything: Gift them an experience.  I know Airbnb and other websites have “Experiences” that range from cooking to local tours to other fun off the wall adventures. 

For the Busy Bee: A really beautiful and fun water bottle, a bento box lunch box, and stasher bags (the reusable food storage bags).  It always makes packing food and water to-go more fun when you love the containers you are using.  Remember we eat (and drink) with our eyes first so make your to-go food as beautiful as you can.

Happy gifting!

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