A Note About Burnout

Burnout is the worst.

When I had my personal chef business I experienced true burnout. I was working too much trying to please everyone.⁠

I was physically exhausted to the point that I understood what people meant when they said “bone tired.” I would wake up in the morning feeling like I hadn’t sleep.⁠

Mentally I was “wired but tired,” which means my adrenal glands had been pumping out stress hormones for far too long and my body was completely out of sync.⁠

Emotionally I couldn’t seem to “handle” anything. I would burst into tears in the kitchen because it all felt like too much.⁠

I was burned out, but I didn’t feel like I could rest. The first rule of burnout is to talk about burnout.⁠

If you are feeling this way, it’s time to start reaching out for support. Once you hit burnout it’s time to start figuring out how you can build some rest into your days. ⁠

REST IS KING when it comes to burnout and that includes physical rest but also emotional and mental rest too. Make the changes slowly. It took you awhile to get here and it will take awhile to dig out, but it can happen.⁠

One of my favorite strategies for burnout is scheduling free time in my calendar.

By schedule, I mean block it in your actual calendar. Maybe it’s just 10 minutes. Great- do it! Maybe you have an hour or even half a day. Even better! Treat it as a non-negotiable. ⁠

Start small and make space for you. Make space to do nothing. Make space to do whatever you feel like in the moment. Make space for whatever you want.⁠

That space cannot be for appointments, or work, or chores. It has to be free of “to-dos.” ⁠

Making space can be the hardest thing to do, but honestly your health depends on it. And remember, no time block is too small. Just schedule it.⁠

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