A Note on Meditation

Meditation often brings me back to myself. It helps me slow down. It brings me back to my body after a day of thinking and being fully in my head, which often includes figuring things out, going through the to-do list, and solving all the little problems that pop up during the day. It helps me get clarity on what is wrong when I know something’s up but I’m not quite sure what. It’s permission to rest. It’s a way to just get off the hamster wheel of my to-do list. Meditation is so many things to me.

Although this is true, meditation doesn’t always feel like what I need in the moment, so I never “make” myself meditate. Sometimes it’s better to call a friend, or workout, or just watch a show you love. And then other times, meditation is just what is called for.

Sometimes I use a guided meditation and let the speaker lead me. Sometimes I just sit in silence focusing on a mantra or my breath. Sometimes I just sit quietly and check in with my body to see if there is pain or something that needs some attention. My mode of meditation changes everyday, but it doesn’t matter what method I use, because all of them provide me with time to sit with myself.

At times, sitting with yourself can feel like your worst nightmare. At other times, it’s the opposite, and you cannot wait to take a restful moment. 

There’s a lot of talk about our hearts around Valentine’s Day but sometimes it can be really hard to connect with our bodies and more specifically our hearts. I mean, I rarely think about my heart really, but when I am reminded to do so, and I give it some undivided attention, I almost always feel a release.⁠

Heart energy includes compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness, and connectedness. Heart energy also includes transformation, healthy boundaries, depth in relationships with others, and love for oneself.⁠

Whenever you feel disconnected from yourself and from others, having trouble giving or receiving love or kindness, are in emotional pain of some kind, are feeling shut-off from your feelings, or feeling a physical heaviness or tightness in and around your chest or heart, these can all be signs that your heart needs a little attention. ⁠

This Heart Connection Meditation is a great tool for giving your heart some much needed love and exploring what needs to be felt and released. Hopefully this helps you to slow down and feel into your heart and explore what you most need. Throw that question out there, “What does my heart most need right now?” You might get the answer 🙂

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