Hi, I’m Brooke, a Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Chef.  I use nutrition and lifestyle to help you feel your best.  My home base is Reno, NV but I work with clients from all over virtually.

My health philosophy is at its core: Eat the foods that make you feel good, and take care of yourself in a way that brings you joy.

I chose holistic nutrition because I believe that in order to optimize health, heal your anxiety and depression, balance your hormones, reverse prediabetes, etc. you MUST look at the big picture. We are all intimately interconnected.  It’s the interplay of many factors that creates your health including sleep, stress, relationships/community, emotions, mindset, work, and spirituality. We are also humans who are dependent upon and interconnected with the earth.  I want us all to get back to nature and the foods nature provides, while also knowing that we must make it work with modern life in mind.

To me health is about waking up rested and feeling sustained energy throughout the day without caffeine and sugar.  It is about having a calm and focused mind. It is about experiencing all the emotions we have as part of our human experience in their fullness.  It is about finding what it is you want to do in life and having the health foundation to move forward with gusto. It is about teaching our children, family, and friends how they too can feel good, because it all starts with you and you can affect great change on any scale.  What is possible? The sky is the limit.

My approach is all about balance.  This isn’t about counting calories, getting down to a certain pant size, putting yourself on crazy diets, or generally restricting yourself.  This is about knowing that there is a time and a place for everything, understanding what you most need, finding your motivation, and finding a structure and a path that works for you.  

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There are no "rules." It's about feeling good.


  • Nutrition Consultant (NC): Bauman College 2017
  • Certified Natural Chef (NC): Bauman College 2014
  • Masters of Social Work (MSW): University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2006
  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology (BA): University of Cincinnati 2003

My education has always focused on people; learning about what makes them tick and how to help them.  This started with my interest in psychology, which I majored in as an undergrad. I went on to earn my Masters of Social Work, and my career focused both on social science research and working with people.  After I decided to pursue nutrition, I took all of my previous experience and simply infused the nutrition and health aspect into my love of helping people create change in their lives. It was the perfect transition and now I use all of my academic and real world experience to create everything I share with you here.

A forever student, I have spent the last decade learning all that I can about nutrition and how food can transform our lives.  I have spent the last six years living in Berkeley and working in San Francisco teaching people about the power of nutrition and the simple act of cooking.  Now I call Philadelphia home, and am immersing myself in the Philly culture and food with the intent of weaving everything together so all of the influences create something new.