"In each consultation, Brooke listened compassionately to my health issues and goals, then developed a plan that was tailored to my lifestyle.  It wasn't har to make the changes she suggested, because she designed them to fit my life.  I highly recommend her."

-S.L.  Writer, Professor, & New Mom



"My goal was to begin eating healthier but with sooooo much information out there I was quickly overwhelmed trying to figure it out on my own.  I tend to experience a lot of anxiety and digestive issues as well.  I started working with Brooke and that was a game changer.  By now I've gotten to know her quite well.  Brooke is a great listener and she always makes me feel comfortable when talking about my health goals.  She has helped me figure out what foods work best for me.

Through her cooking guidance and her nutrition coaching, Brooke has really helped me to make significant changes in how and what I eat.  My digestion is greatly improved and I am able to tune into my anxiety and know what I need to eat to help my mood.

I would highly recommend Brooke.  She has been a pleasure to work with!"

- B. F.  Architect & Music Enthusiast



"What a very special event the food meditation was!  It was so relaxing and yet energizing at the same time.  I loved everything about the session.

Brooke and Megan did a wonderful job of educating me on mindful eating.  Then Megan led me on a most delightful journey inward, both spiritually and physically.  Regardless of how you feel about food, this meditation is not to be missed!"

-S.W.  Food Aficionado & Herbal Medicine Practitioner



"Brooke created a three week meal plan for my family.  Her professionalism and expertise was evident throughout this entire meal planning process.  I am a busy working mother of two kids and requested her help in creating a healthy, easy meal plan for my family.

Her approach is so organic and her communication skills are effortless. She has the ability to make a novice cook like myself, feel equipped to create a delicious meal for my family, and excited to do so!

The meals were truly designed with my family’s needs in mind.  I appreciate the uniqueness of each meal, incorporating healthy food that is also kid friendly – key in our household!

I AM THRILLED!  Brooke gave me the courage to cook, and feed my kids healthy, fresh and most importantly, delicious dishes!"

-K. B.  Busy working mother of two & All around kick *** lady



"Brooke gave me a wonderful virtual cooking lesson and taught me a lot about being creative, patient and practical when making food.

First, she somehow thought up a delicious recipe for me to make based on ingredients I already had in my kitchen during the quarantine. She suggested mujaddara, a Lebanese dish made with rice, lentils, and caramelized onion, which I had never heard of but absolutely LOVED. We also added sautéed bok choy because I happened to have some in the fridge.

Her knowledge and patience made me feel comfortable making a dish I wouldn't normally try on my own. From demonstrating how to easily cut an onion (amazing!), to checking on the rice through the phone camera when I wasn't sure it if it was done, Brooke really taught me a lot in a short period of time.

Most importantly, the whole cooking lesson was really fun! I would highly recommend Brooke to anyone who wants to learn cooking skills from home with a patient, friendly and very experienced teacher!"

-J. M.  Historian & Beginner Chef