Q. What is nutrition coaching?

Nutrition coaching is a process where we work together to find the foods, ways of eating, and lifestyle habits that feel best to you. It’s individualized so everyone’s experience will be different, but you will receive the information you need, the strategies that work best for you, hands-on help with food and cooking, and the accountability to stick with any changes you want to make long-term.

Q. How would you work with me?

I work with people by meeting you where you are, setting realistic goals, while providing a path and supporting you along that path.  Learning to nourish yourself is a lifetime practice and it’s much more fun to walk that path with someone else. That’s what I’m here for.

Q. What is your specialty?

My main focus is on nutrition and holistic healing for mental health with a big focus on anxiety and stress.  What you eat and how you eat matters BIG TIME when it comes to your mental health and I can help you use nutrition to promote mood balance and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Q. Do you work with couples?

I work with couples all the time to focus on their nutrition and cooking.  It’s something fun and rewarding you can do together.

Q. Can you work with families?

I love working with families!  Getting kids involved with their food is an educational and fun experience.  Most of my work with families involves getting into the kitchen (in-person or virtually) to cook together learning about our food, where it comes from, tasting new things, and finding safe ways that everyone can cook together.

Q. What if I hate cooking or am too busy?

If you hate cooking or are too busy, there are so many strategies to help here so please don’t let that stop you from benefiting from nutrition coaching.  There is so much in this experience for you regardless of your cooking abilities.

Q. What diet do you subscribe to?

I don’t subscribe to any diet. I believe in balance and nourishing yourself. Too many rules can sabotage our health. I bring a flexible and open-minded approach to food while avoiding the negativity surrounding restrictions, judgement and control.

Q. I’m worried about being judged for my food choices.  Will I feel judged?

This is a judgement-free zone!  We are all human, we are all different, and I don’t label foods as “bad” or “good.”  It’s about what works for you. There is room for ALL foods in a balanced way of eating.

Q. Do you teach classes for businesses, organizations, and other workplaces?

All the time! It’s rewarding for me to work with and teach groups whether big or small. I do one-time workshops as well as workplace wellness series.

Q. What if we start working together but it’s just not for me?

Your happiness with your experience is very important to me. If you want to quit our work together, you can at any time without penalty.

Q. What if I’m a student or out-of-work, do you offer discounts?

I never want money to stop you from getting the support you need. I offer sliding scale for clients who need it.

Q. Where are you located?  Do you work with clients locally or everywhere?

I live in Reno, NV but work virtually with clients throughout the US. There are a handful of states where I am restricted and unable to work with clients (contact me for more information about this). With COVID all my work is currently virtual, opening up options for remote clients.

Q. Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance, but I do offer sliding scale rates to make my services affordable for everyone.

Q. How do I get started?

Check out my services on the "Services" page and see if anything resonates with you. You can then move forward with purchasing and scheduling an appointment or you can contact me through my "Contact" page for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!