Heart Connection Meditation

This is a meditation to explore and give attention to our hearts and our heart energy. First, get comfortable. Sit or lay down. Be anyway your body wants to be. Get a blanket if you think you might get cold. Put a journal next to you in case, afterwards, you want to write anything down. 

Then listen to this meditation and be guided. Let whatever comes come. If you cry, great. That is a release. If you feel like laughing. Great. That is also a release. Bring no expectations, just see what comes up.

You WILL have thoughts. Thoughts will always be there. Notice them and then come back to your heart. You might have to do this a million times. That’s the nature of meditation. You will be thinking and that is a-ok. The point is to just use this time to be with yourself. Let the chatter be and keep bringing your focus back.

The healing happens when we give our hearts our true attention.

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