Honoring Our Moods As Information

Moods are information. It has taken me my whole life up to this point to understand this notion. I still struggle. When I feel angry, scared, sad, etc. all I want to do is not feel that way. ⁠

Most of my life I felt like I should punish myself whenever I felt those kinds of feelings. If I was in a bad mood or felt a “bad” emotion, then I was bad. Then the spiral into feeling bad about myself and beating myself up would happen.⁠

But through therapy and a lot of self-introspection I started to understand that moods don’t just “happen.” They are a response to what is happening within us, around us, what we think, what we believe, the state of our world, what’s happening with our families, the list goes on and on. Our moods are valid.⁠

Our moods and feelings are there to tell us something. Maybe they are telling us we need a break, that a boundary is being crossed, that we need to change something in our lives, that we need to stand up for ourselves, or that we need something that we aren’t getting.⁠

When you really sit with your moods, what are they truly telling you? How can you give yourself or find ways to seek out more of what you need?⁠

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