How Can You Make Cooking Peaceful?

The kitchen can be a place of fun, experimentation and joy for some while the kitchen can be a place of stress and chores for another. For me it flips back and forth between these two.⁠

Most of the time I have a lot of fun cooking and look forward to it. I find fun recipes and try them out or plan a favorite that I haven’t had in awhile. ⁠

Sometimes cooking isn’t what I want to do at all. As a result I don’t cook everyday. In fact, when I’m busy sometimes find that I’m cooking very little.⁠

But when I get too busy and I can stop for a second to realize that sometimes, yes, the problem is definitely exhaustion and it’s time for takeout, but other times the issue is my mindset. ⁠

I tell myself cooking is a chore. I tell myself I have to do it. ⁠

But if I can re-write that story in that moment and remember that cooking can be a time away from screens, a time to be creative, and a time to take care of myself, almost always I can shift my feelings around it.⁠

Also, at the end of cooking you have a home-cooked meal, no matter how simple or complicated, and what’s better than that?⁠

Can you change your mindset around cooking from time to time and think of it as your “peace” or your “joy” or your “fun?” ⁠

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