The Kitchen Confidence Program



The Kitchen Confidence Program is a one, two, or three month (choose your own adventure) virtual cooking program.

Cooking is nutrition in action.  It is one of the best ways to feel your best.  When you cook your own food, you can control the quality of all the ingredients, you tend to have more realistic sized portions, and have more balanced meals.  Not to mention there is less sugar, salt, and bad fats in homemade food as well!

This program is geared towards the beginner/novice home cook.  You don't have to have any experience to get started here.  The main thing is that you get started, because practice makes perfect in the kitchen.

All sessions can be completed as quickly as one month or stretched out into three.  It goes at your pace.

The Kitchen Confidence Program includes:

  • Initial free consult
  • Four 60-minute cooking sessions
  • Recipes, shopping lists, and equipment lists for each lesson
  • E-cookbook with seasonal recipes
  • "Stock a Healthy Pantry" Guide
  • Text/Email cooking support between sessions


- Cooking is nutrition in action.

- Cooking sparks joy.

- Cooking is creative.

- Nutrient density matters.

- Cooking can and should be simple and delicious.

- Cooking builds friendships, families, and communities.

- Home cooked foods are the foundation of health.

- Cooking is a way to honor your body, your food, and the earth.