Kitchen Hacks: Veggie Prepping

I veggie prepped and did a little bit of meal prep, which I do at times and other times not. Cooking really depends on my mood. Anyways, I really like to prep vegetables but not cook them and then use them throughout the week in different meals and in different ways. ⁠

Not having to wash and cut up a vegetable makes it so that I’m much more likely to eat vegetables throughout the week. If you are committed to trying to eat more veggies, I highly recommend this method. The upfront work is worth it.⁠

Here’s what I have this week:⁠

  • White bean and rosemary dip (the only recipe I made)⁠
  • Chopped mushrooms⁠
  • Chopped brussels sprouts⁠
  • Chopped cauliflower⁠
  • Chopped bell peppers⁠
  • Basmatic rice cooked⁠
  • Chopped broccoli⁠
  • Chopped jalapeno⁠

    I will probably roast the veggies or sauté them most days. I plan on doing a fried rice one night, a curry another, and a burrito bowl as well. Of course, not all the ingredients for all of those things are here but I have a stocked pantry just waiting for me to add some veggies to make a quick and easy meals.⁠

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