Spring Mood Food Spotlight on Peas

What’s more spring than peas?

Peas are definitely the forgotten food in my kitchen. Often lurking in the back of the freezer in an opened bag with a little bit of freezer burn, I do not respect peas like I should.⁠ But every time I do make an effort with peas, I love them! Here’s a little reminder to make a pea effort this spring.⁠

You should eat peas because:⁠

  • They are naturally sweet and are a legume.⁠
  • Peas are a good source of vitamins C and E, zinc so they boost immunity.⁠
  • High in fiber which keeps things running smoothly.⁠
  • A plant-based source of protein and iron, and for anyone experiencing burnout, you most likely need iron.⁠

Recipes with the lovely pea to come in future posts this season.

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